November 26, 2001, 7:00PM

Advisory Committee Meeting #1- Revised 1-14-03

Location: Downe Township Municipal Building


Anthony Altadonna

 Div. Mngr - Small Business Services

 Fleet Bank

Scott Andersen

 Loan Officer

 First Pioneer Farm Credit

Bruno Basile


 Upper Deerfield Township Planning Board

Neil Betchner


 Cumberland County Planning Board

Hal Bickings


 Hopewell Township

Martin Bierbaum

 Special Assistant

 NJ Dept. of Community Affairs DCA

Elmer Bowman


 Lawrence Township

Robert Brewer


 Cumberland Dept. of Planning & Devel.

Kelly Campbell


 Press of Atlantic City

Ronald Campbell

 Municipal Clerk

 Shiloh Borough

Skip Castaldi

 VP-Atlantic Region


Linda Costello


 Maurice River Twp. Econ. Dev. Committee

Sam D'Agostino


 Deerfield Township Planning Board

Harry Dare


 Harry Dare Planning Consultant

Harold Davis


 President Borough of Shiloh

Ruth Dawson

 Municipal Clerk

 Lawrence Township

Hank Egerton


 Fairfield Township Planning Board

Gordon Ely


 Bridgeton Planning Board

Louis Fisher


 Cumberland County Planning Board

Michael Fralinger


 Fralinger Engineering

George Garrison



Lisa Garrison

 Dodge Foundation

Arthur Geller


 Lawrence Township Planning Board

Wallis Goodwin


 Greenwich Township

LeRoy Gould


 NJ Department of Transportation

Nicholas Graviano


 Orth-Rodgers & Associates

 Inc. ORA

Deborah Hollinger Chairperson Commercial Twp. Land Use Brd.

Brent Hankins


 Cumberland Development Corporation CDC

James Jacobson


 Downe Township Planning Board

Louis Joyce


 Upper Deerfield Township

Albert Kelly

 Executive Director

 Tri-County Community Action Agency

Don Kirchhoffer

 New Jersey Carpenter Funds

Dennis Koller

 Barton F. Sharp Insurance

Blake Maloney

 Executive Director

 Cumberland County Utilities Authority

Sharon McCullough


 Fairfield Township

Charles Nathanson

 Plng. & Dev. Advisor

 Orth-Rodgers & Associates


Charles Newcomb

 Assistant Director

 NJ Office of State Planning OSP

Hannah Nichols Clerk Commercial Twp.

Ed Overdevest


 Overdevest Nurseries

Clement Pappas

 Plant Manager

 Clement Pappas & Co.

Douglas Rainear


 Upper Deerfield Township

James Requa

 NJ Dept. of Community Affairs DCA

Michael Reeves

 Mngr. of Reg. Plng

 South Jersey Trans. Plng. Org. SJTPO

Darlene Richmond

 City Clerk

 Bridgeton City

Ronald Riggins


 Maurice River Township

Ted Ritter


 Hopewell Township

Dean Roork


 Greenwich Township Planning Board

Carol Schaper


 Clerk Deerfield Township

Howard Scull


 Shiloh Borough

Bernice Sheppard


 Cumberland County Planning Board

Erwin Sheppard


 Sheppard Farms Inc.

Marcia Shiffman


 Orth-Rodgers & Associates Inc ORA

Anthony Stanzione

 Executive Director

 Cumberland Development Corporation

Jeannette Tallant


 Bridgeton News

Craig Thomas


 Fairfield Township

Carol Tomson


Harry Wilson


 Downe Township

Carol Musso


 Deerfield Township

Handouts: Binder with project information and inserts plus a project schedule and map.

  1. Tony Stanzione provided an introduction for the meeting and described details of the CDC. He stated that one of the main functions of the CDC is to generate jobs and spur economic development. Mr. Stanzione introduced Marcia Shiffman, Charles Nathanson and Chuck Newcomb to the attendees.
  2. Tony Stanzione described the composition and role of the Steering Committee, which includes the mayors of the 12 municipalities included in the study, representatives from the New Jersey Office of State Planning (OSP) and Cumberland County agencies. He indicated that the CDC will continue to coordinate future meetings of the Advisory Committee and described the purpose of the study
  3. Everybody in attendance introduced themselves.
  4. Charles Nathanson described the purpose of the Advisory Committee. He stated that public and group participation is a crucial part of the study. He explained the importance of providing a local perspective to the study.
  5. Marcia Shiffman briefly described the role of the Advisory Committee and emphasized the importance of dialogue between committee members. She requested that an alternate person attend the meeting if the designated person is unable to attend. She described how meeting minutes will be posted on the CDC website. She also stated that the public is welcome to attend the meetings.
  6. Marcia Shiffman described basic facts of the plan. She stated that the study’s objective is to address existing needs for jobs, infrastructure and economic development while finding a balance between economic development and environmental protection. She explained how part of the study will attempt to achieve intermunicipal agreements regarding development goals and strategies. She also explained that ORA will be conducting meetings with the municipalities and other agencies to gather information
  7. Marcia Shiffman discussed how the study will seek Plan Endorsement from OSP.
  8. Marcia Shiffman explained the seven main project tasks:
  9. Task 1: County Comprehensive Plan Summary

    This task will consolidate regional plans into one document and will also be accompanied by a poster, CD-Rom and video

    Task 2: Baseline Conditions

    Will examine baseline conditions through various data collection efforts including the review of state, regional, county and municipal plans, demographic conditions, natural resources and cultural resources

    Task 3: Analysis of Development Conditions and Centers

    Includes the review of county and local policies and initiatives while studying Empowerment Zone and Urban Enterprise Zone activities. Will conduct a build-out analysis through the year 2020 that will project population, jobs and fiscal costs

    Task 4: Market Feasibility Assessment

    This task will review the county economic base, research the commercial real estate market, interview stakeholders and prepare a market feasibility study.

    Task 5: Visioning

    A series of five workshops with the Advisory Committee

    Task 6: Prepare Regional Strategic Plan

    The plan will identify growth areas and define centers of development. It will identify infrastructure needs to support growth. The plan will seek approval from the county and municipalities involved. It will also petition OSP for plan endorsement.

    Task 7: Public Involvement

    Public involvement will be through the course of the study and will consist of seven Steering Committee meetings, five Advisory Committee meetings and two public meetings.

  10. Marcia Shiffman stated that the first public meeting would be in early summer of 2002 and the second public meeting would occur near the completion of the study.
  11. A question was asked if the study would take into consideration the watershed management plan that is currently being written. Robert Brewer stated that the plan is underway and will not be completed by the end of the WSCRSP but the county would provide details of the plan during the course of the study
  12. Louis Joyce questioned the WSCRSP’s role in plan endorsement. Chuck Newcomb stated that municipalities would receive plan endorsement if they adopt the plan and implement the strategies recommended in the plan.
  13. Mayor Harry Wilson discussed how large amounts of public lands within his municipality take away the opportunity for additional ratables and the plan must address this issue.
  14. Mayor Ron Riggins stated that Maurice River Township has received centers designation and is the only municipality in the study under Pinelands Regulations. He asked how the township could benefit from this study. Marcia Shiffman stated that a representative from the Pinelands Commission would be asked to participate with the study. Chuck Newcomb explained the relationship between the Pinelands Commission and the OSP. He stated that Maurice River Township’s participation in the study can benefit the other municipalities who have not entered the centers designation process.
  15. Mike Reeves asked if the study will examine needs and objectives for mass transit systems. Marcia Shiffman stated that the study will address transportation issues.
  16. Mike Reeves asked if there would be the potential for CAFRA plan endorsement. Chuck Newcomb discussed coastal centers and the permanent coastal centers designation process.
  17. Marcia Shiffman introduced Robert Brewer to discuss the county’s participation in the study.
  18. Robert Brewer stated that he welcomed the opportunity to work with the CDC and that his office supports grass roots planning efforts. He explained how the county

  19. wanted the plan summary (Task 1) to be an informational piece that the general public could use to gain better understanding of the plans that affect the county.

  20. Marcia Shiffman opened the floor to questions. None were offered. She then introduced Chuck Newcomb.
  21. Chuck Newcomb stated that it is crucial for local governments to work together, making this project special. He stated that a goal of this study is to obtain plan endorsement from the OSP. He explained how he sees the project as a cooperative effort to manage growth while creating jobs. He affirmed that the grant given for this project is one of the biggest given in the state.
  22. Nicholas Graviano distributed the Goals and Objectives Questionnaire.
  23. Marcia Shiffman described the study objectives that have been preliminarily identified. She asked the group to provide questions or comments regarding the study objectives. She asked the group to hand in the worksheet at the end of the meeting or fax it to Anthony Stanzione by November 30, 2001.
  24. Robert Brewer stated that he felt that quality of life issues concerning housing, job training, education and welfare were missing. The group agreed.
  25. Erwin Sheppard asked if the study would look at methods of sharing resources within the region and municipalities. He also asked about possible transfer of development rights (TDR) beyond municipal borders. Chuck Newcomb stated that the plan could prompt legislative action to meet its needs.
  26. Charles Nathanson discussed the importance of regional coordination regarding the costs and benefits of development.
  27. Marcia Shiffman discussed the set-up of the subcommittees. She asked if other subcommittees could be identified and requested that the Advisory Committee members select a subcommittee of their interest.
  28. It was determined that the Natural Resources Subcommittee will look at Historic Preservation elements and the Intermunicipal Collaboration Subcommittee will handle marketing and promotion activities. A Planning and Implementation subcommittee was added.

  29. Marcia Shiffman asked if the meeting time was good for everybody’s schedules. The majority of the group agreed that the last Monday of the month, in the evening was a good meeting time
  30. Marcia Shiffman requested zoning maps, land use and subdivision ordinances, Master Plan updates and special studies from the municipalities involved.
  31. Anthony Stanzione summarized the crucial elements of the meeting. He stated that the plan gives the municipalities the ability to take an assertive role in their economic futures. He explained how he hopes the study will prompt state legislation regarding the distribution of economic benefits in Cumberland County.
  32. The meeting adjourned at 9:05 PM
Action Items    Responsible Party   
1. Provide requested land development and planning documents to ORA  Study area municipalities

2. Set up meetings with municipal representatives  county/state agencies and private organizations


3. Return Questionnaire to Anthony Stanzione by 11/30/200       Meeting Participants

Minutes Prepared by Nicholas A. Graviano, Planner, Orth-Rodgers & Associates, Inc.



Questions and comments are welcomed. Please click here to send an email response to Tony Stanzione at CDC or you may call him at 856-451-4200 or send a fax to 856-453-9795.