Steering Committee Meeting #3

October 30, 2002

Hudson United Bank Building, Bridgeton


Name Organization

Tony Stanzione CDC

Howard Scull Shiloh Borough

C. Wallis Goodwin Greenwich Twp

Randy Dickinson Stow Creek Twp

Brent Hankins BACC

George Garrison Commercial Twp.

Robert Brewer Cumberland Cty.

Craig Thomas Fairfield Twp

Chris Cummings Bridgeton

Ken Hill Upper Deerfield

Marcia Shiffman Orth-Rodgers

Charles Nathanson Orth-Rodgers

Daniel Kueper Orth-Rodgers

Skip Bowman Lawrence Twp


Name Organization

Hal Bickings Hopewell Twp.

Carol Musso Deerfield Twp.

Ron Riggins Maurice River Twp.

Harry Wilson Downe Twp.

Joseph Donald NJ DCA OSG

Materials handed out:

  • Steering Committee Meeting #3 Agenda
  • Regional Profile
  • Municipal Profiles
  • Build-Out Analysis Memorandum


T. Stanzione began the meeting at 6:30 p.m. by saying that it was important for the WSCR Committee to participate in the plan-making process, so the state would not make decisions for the municipalities.

M. Shiffman and D. Kueper made a presentation on the Regional and Municipal Profiles Reports.

B. Brewer said the County will approach the State to tweak the farmland preservation map. H. Scull asked if there was a formula that indicates the trade-off between encouraging residential growth and developing farmland. B. Brewer said that there when an active development is proposed, the County does not try to preserve the farmland. The farmland preservation program does not have sufficient funding for these circumstances. T. Stanzione asked why the land uses are changing, if the population is growing so slowly. M. Shiffman said smaller households, and large lot sprawl, accounted for this.

B. Brewer said Maurice River is participating with the Pinelands Commission on the Pinelands Scenic Roadway.

K.Hill said Upper Deerfield had significant land along railroad tracks; should businesses without need for rail service be directed to other places? C. Nathanson said the township should inform both businesses and residents of the priorities for development, and that Upper Deerfield should steer businesses without rail needs to other locations. M. Shiffman said the zoning ordinance should clearly express the goals of the district in question.

G. Garrison said the proposed Port Norris sewer plant was put on hold.

Following a presentation on the Water Supply Plan by D. Kueper, G. Garrison said that the 95% of the water used by sand mining companies is returned to ponds. B. Brewer said the State shows the salt water intrusion area close to Vineland, which may not be correct. H. Scull said Gloucester is seeing considerably more development than Cumberland, and shouldn't be in the same watershed. R. Dickinson said that row crops do not require very much water, and less than nursery crops.

G. Garrison asked if the educational attainment levels reflected the influx of Latinos who did not receive their initial education in this area. T. Stanzione said that people do not wish to live in Cumberland when they see the educational numbers. C. Nathanson said the best thing you can do is qualify these numbers. He said there was also a problem with Urban Aid formula; smaller rural communities such as those found in Cumberland County are overlooked.

G. Garrison asked if the state had designated a process for centers designation. There is an opportunity to advance the WSCR process before the state finalizes its regulation.

A presentation was made of the build-out analysis. M. Shiffman said that the large extent of agricultural land that could be developed for residential uses should be reviewed by each municipality. Other zoning strategies can be considered to prevent sprawl.

B. Brewer said the estimates in the build-out table should be rounded up. T. Stanzione said it would be desirable to use this table to support Smart Growth; conservation and preservation should not be eliminated, but growth should not be discouraged either. C. Thomas said that the build-out scenario would not happen without adequate infrastructure.

S. Bowman said he would send ORA the latest Master Plan for Lawrence.

There was discussion of the need to move expeditiously on pending center designation applications.

M. Shiffman said that ORA was still awaiting budgets from the school district and townships, in order to do a fiscal analysis.

M. Shiffman requested that each municipality review the reports and provide comments to T. Stanzione by November 18th. The next meeting will be December 2, Monday, at 5:30 p.m.


These meeting minutes were prepared by Daniel Kueper, Orth-Rodgers & Associates.