The Cumberland Development Corporation, (CDC), is a not-for-profit community development corporation. It was created by several municipalities and the Bridgeton Area Chamber of Commerce.

It provides economic development services for the Southern New Jersey municipalities of  Bridgeton, Commercial, Deerfield, Hopewell, Lawrence, Maurice River, Shiloh, Stow Creek and Upper Deerfield.


With the encouragement of the Bridgeton Area Chamber of Commerce, the mayors of several of municipalities, area business representatives and representatives of the Chamber of Commerce began meeting together in 1995 to discuss ways in which they could cooperate on a range of economic, social, and community issues.

Discussions involved the possibility of shared services and solutions to common problems. In December of 1995, the group established a new, not-for-profit corporation, to promote economic development and intermunicipal cooperation in the region.

In 1998, the Board of Directors, hired a full-time executive director and through contracts with area municipalities, developed revenue and began serving the area and focusing on its mission.


To promote economic development in the region, while stimulating increased coordination, cooperation, and communication, between business and government.




Mayor Albert Kelly, Bridgeton

Council Presdient Curtis Edwards, Alternate


Mayot Ron Sutton, Commercial

Committeeman Mike Vizzard , Alternate


Mayor Abigail O'Brien Deerfield

Dep. Mayor Rudy Danna, Alternate


Mayor Bruce Hankins, Hopewell,

Deputy Mayor Paul Ritter, Alternate


Mayir  Elmer Bowman, Lawrence

Dep. Mayor Erwin Sheppard, Alternate


Deputy Mayor Patti Gross , Maurice River

Committeeman Ken Whildin, Alternate


Mayor Brad Campbell, Shiloh

Council President Dallus Bruso, Alternate


Mayor Melvin Randy Dickinson, Stow Creek

Deputy Mayor Tom Burton, Alternate


Mayor James Crilley, Upper Deerfield

Deputy Mayor Terry O'Neill, Alternate



Mayor James Crilley,  Chairman

Mayor Al ert Kelly, Vice Chairperson

Mayor Patti Gross, Secretary

Mayor Randy Dickinson, Treasurer


Tony Stanzione, Executive Director


Steven Paul, Marketing Director